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"Be Impactful.

Be Successful.

Be You."

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Meet Diane Manuel, MBA/PhD


If someone ever tells you that they've achieved Success on their own - They are lying! Success is a group endeavor. Something that needs nurturing, support, and guidance. This is the essence of Create Success Lab.

Create Success One Action at a Time


My videos are quick tips for success - usually sparked by questions and ideas from my clients. The topic is important so I want to share my ideas and thoughts quickly and responsively.

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Success? Check out these strategies 
Sometimes, I like to share my thoughts in writing. When writing, I think differently. I'm frequently able to incorporate more science and research when writing. I'm able to expand on successful strategies that support women on their journey to success.
Chat with Diane 

This is all about you. Let's talk. What does Success look like for you What's holding you back?


Cheers & Thanks, Diane

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