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About Diane

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Leadership Training for Women

Team Training & Development

Organizational Strategy

Why Create Success Lab


Not clear on your exact direction. Unsure of your strategies. Feel like your struggling sometimes?

I know. I’ve been there. Until I hired someone to help me. Having someone at my side changed me. The fear and anxiety was still there. However, I had a partner. And this coach and leader provided access to something else: A community.


A community of women who were also on the path to Success.


That’s why I’ve started Create Success Lab (CSL).

CSL is a Training & Development Platform designed to support the process and the journey to Success.

The Platform is designed to support individuals, groups and teams as they begin their journey to Creating Success.

Typically, I work with Women who want to create change and are willing to commit to a journey that leads to Success.


I use the word “lab” to illustrate that my aim is not to drive women to perfection. My intention is to support women on a road that leads to self-defined success.


I look forward to you joining me on the journey.

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