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Supporting Transformational Leadership

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 I am dedicated to guiding and supporting executives, high-profile individuals, and   businesses on their journey to success.

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Power Up Package

I accept a limited number of coaching engagements quarterly.


We “meet” every 2 weeks for 8 weeks

(4 -75-minute sessions + worksheets and other resources materials)

Yes! There will be "homework".

Join me as I support your journey to Success.


You'll learn to explore and have confidence in your skill base, respect your personal experiences, and create your transformative leadership style.


You'll be great at being you

Are you ready to Create Success?

women leaders


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“I was headed on a new path & confused on how to get there. Diane helped me find clarity and implement a successful strategy.”

— Non-profit Executive Director

“Diane guided me as I navigated a new position & new opportunities. She helped me prep for interviews, meetings, and presentations.”

—Fortune 500 Corporate Manager

“Managing both people & systems can be overwhelming. With Diane, we created scenarios to maximize success and explore opportunities.”

—IT Director, Large Government Department

women work leaders

Other Services

Philanthropy & the Capital Markets

Philanthropy and capital markets intersect, and that's where my passion lies. I am dedicated to facilitating the investment process, employing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, alongside tailored philanthropic investments.

  • Begin a mission-aligned investment strategy

  • Create synergies between your grantmaking and investments

  • Assess your impact. Know what you own

nonprofit philanthropy finance

About Me

My name is Diane M. Manuel, PhD/MBA

I am deeply passionate about empowering businesses to unlock their full potential. With my expertise as an organizational development consultant, I have a profound understanding of the intricate connections between people, processes, and culture. 

I excel at helping leaders and their teams reach their full potential. By fostering an environment of trust and collaboration, I work alongside my clients to identify areas of improvement and implement effective solutions.

My approach is tailored to each unique situation, leveraging my background in management and finance to provide practical insights and strategies. Through active listening and a collaborative problem-solving process, I work closely with my clients to develop customized solutions that address their specific challenges and goals.

Committed to social justice in my philanthropic work, I am a current Board Member and Treasurer for the Ms. Foundation for Women, The Women's Foundation of California, and Cause Communications. 

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