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A Girl's Guide to Bad Ass Success

BadAss Success! You want that, right?

That point when we know we want to make a change. Be better versions of ourselves. I see it every day in my career as a Financial Advisor and when I work as a consultant.

Many of my clients want to do something different. Be more successful at work. At their business. With the teams and groups they lead. But, they can’t. There’s frequently a block.

Their head, feat, heart and soul are stuck.

My clients reach out because they know they want to do something different. But what?

When I talk to people who want to make changes, they are unsure of which way to go. Where to start.

They know they need to get out of their comfort zone. Most of the time taking the next step creates anxiety. There is real fear. And, it’s overwhelming.

Regardless of the fear and anxiety, I know some of you are ready. I know some of you are committed to making that move. You are committed to a process that will create a better version of you.

You know you should do something differently, however, you can’t manage to make it happen. That space in your comfort zone is too strong of a pull. The pillow is too soft. The bed is too comfy.

You know it’s not easy. You’re busy and overwhelmed already. Why add something new to your plate? You fear that process. The journey.

I know. I’ve been there. Until I hired someone to help me. Having someone at my side changed me. The fear and anxiety was still there. However, I had a partner. And this coach and leader provided access to something else: A community. A community of women who were also on the path to Success.

That’s why I’ve started Create Success Lab (CSL).

CSL is a Training & Development Platform designed to support the process and the journey to Success.

The Platform is designed to support individuals, groups and teams as they begin their journey to Creating Success.

Typically, I work with Women, (of course, not to the exclusion of men) who want to create change and are willing to commit to a journey that leads to Success.

I use the word “lab” to illustrate that my aim is not to drive people to perfection. My intention is to get folks on a road that leads to self-defined success.

At times, this road will be smooth sailing. At other times, there will be bumps, frustrations, challenges, mistakes and out-right failures. This, as we all know, is the path to Creating Success.

My intention is to guide my clients through the joy and wins; help prepare them for the discomfort and challenges. I create a space for my clients to attempt new behaviors and establish new habits that lead to success. With absolutely no judgement.

The Create Success Lab space includes opportunities to get comfortable with new behaviors, develop positive mindsets, establish relationships with new people, and understand what makes you Create Success.

I will always be a Financial Advisor. Create Success Lab allows me to share my successful learning model with a broader audience. I’m definitely in a space of Yes, and!

It’s a space for all. Join me! Create BadAss Success!


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