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Get Over Yourself

This is advice that I need to take. Immediately. Doing something is the only thing that propels you to success.

However, I’ve been writing this blog for a friggin’ two weeks. Why can’t I seem to be okay with its content?

Why can’t I just push the publish button?

Am I worried about the story? The flow? That the words seem all scrambled? Probably all of the above.

Or, am I just too scared to act?

What I do know is that I need to Get Over Myself. I need to just publish the damn thing.


One of the major tenants for Create Success Lab is Action. Doing something. Changing Behavior.

It’s often the step that many women find the most difficult. Why? This is the step that takes you out of your comfort zone.

I believe this may be the most important component of the model for Create Success Lab. Of the four components - Learn. Act. Grow. Repeat - You have to Act.

It is what you do that propels you to success.

Granted, learning is important. However, this sometimes leads to analysis paralysis. To inaction. You get lost in your thoughts, instead of actually doing something. You become anxious. You become fearful and tense. Your stomach turns. You get butterflies.

The result: Apprehension and discomfort.

I often use an analogy with my clients. “Sometimes stepping off a curb can feel like you’re stepping into the Grand Canyon.”

This is a frequent feeling. I know.

Writing a blog usually is not a big thing to me. I’m not expecting perfection. I don’t think my ideas will attract a ton of attention.

My intentions are always to recognize something I see in myself or my clients and share my thoughts and strategies for success.These blogs help me refine my thoughts and ideas. I’m interested in reaction, not necessarily attention.

Smartly, I shared my difficulties with my writing partner over the weekend and she suggested that I talk about my struggle. For me, this made all the difference in the world. I could write about exactly what I was feeling and experiencing.

This ever so brief conversation pushed me out of my comfort zone. Allowed me to get over myself.

Basically, if we don’t push ourselves out of our comfort zone, how do we move forward?

Let me remind you: If you don’t act, if you don’t change your behavior, if you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change.

Change means you have to say, write, listen, act, do something differently than you’ve done before.

It could be as simple as sharing an idea with someone or actually publishing that blog. It could be joining that networking call. Having that difficult conversation with your team. Or sending that email asking for help.

How do you set yourself up for success as you embark on these new behaviors?

1. Pick low-hanging fruit

Do something that you know is easy and straightforward. Do something that will allow you to be successful. When getting out of your comfort zone is key, now is not the time to reach for your stretch goals. Be strategic.

2. Don’t go off on a tangent

Make sure you do something that is integral to your success. Not something that is tangential. Be careful. We all have tendencies to do the “side” thing instead of going straight to the behavior that will propel us to success.

3. Ask for help. Be held accountable

This is essential. If you don’t know what to do, ask someone else. Share your intentions. Describe what success looks like to you. Ask for guidance and suggestions. Engage a professional coach. In fact, this may be your first behavior change on your road to success.

Remember, moving forward is key. You can never know what works and doesn’t work if you do nothing. Small, consistent action is crucial. Tweaks and improvements can only happen if you have something to tweak or improve.

Look in the mirror. Declare yourself successful. Get over yourself.

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